Are you looking for the right partner to transform your business? You have come to the right place! Our customers’ success is our success.

MitraComm Business Process Services was established in 2007 as a business process services provider. We have more than 150 professionals in the field, ± 8.000 NP staff, and contact center locations with 4.000 seating capacity.

MitraComm brings the best people, processes, and technologies and promises to deliver a consistent and exceptional service.

MitraComm has been committed to maintaining business services according to ISO 9001 since 2008 and ISO 27001 since April 2022.

We currently comply with ISO requirements to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our service business’s information assets.

“Our vision is to be a world-class business process outsourcing and be recognized for superior management practices, standard and services.”

MitraComm offers contact center outsourcing services with professional agents that deliver high quality and consistent experience for every interaction. We offer complete contact center outsourcing services, which include:


1. Partial Managed Service

2. Full Managed Service

3. Labour Supply

MitraComm provides the best-in-class IT solutions for contact center operations. Supported by Phintraco Group as a partner of global ICT leaders, our solutions will deliver greater scalability, flexibility, and efficiency in contact center operations.

MitraComm provides a wide variety of transactional processing outsourcing services, including:

1. Walk-in Customer Service
2. Assessment Processes
3. Data Entry
4. Loyalty Management
5. Direct Sales
6. Outbound Call Services (Telesurvey, Data Cleansing, Welcome Call, Telesales, and Telecollection)

We aim to remove day-to-day problems encountered by our clients and provide them with cost-effective solutions to develop and operate their IT operations. MitraComm offers a wide range of IT Managed services including but not limited to:

Monitoring, Managing, and Maintaining Email Systems, Internet, Intranet, Asset Management, Disaster Recovery, Network Management, Server Management, Database Management, Helpdesk, Enterprise Security, Payment Gateway, and more.

Do you have goals for your business? MitraComm can help you get there.


MitraComm has a team of certified trainers and experienced practitioners who facilitate motivational and soft skills training programs. In addition, MitraComm also provides advanced skills development through online training (E-Learning Center) and Premises.

In our Digital Engagement Services, we provide two approaches of engagement strategies; Reactive and Proactive strategies.

1. Reactive strategies: Our reactive strategies team will respond to the audiences’ streams on all touch points, focus on response time, response rate & solution quality.
2. Proactive strategies: Our proactive strategies team will create content and develop relevant campaigns, and distribute educational content towards high engagement activities.

MitraComm wants to serve its clients in various convenient and effective ways and boost their brand’s images and credibility.

MitraComm provides omni-channel customer services to personalize, simplify, and connect the points of customer engagement that create a single, seamless and consistent service.

Our omni-channel solution integrates all customer interactions through multiple channels such as Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), Email, Chat Widget, Line, SMS, and Telegram.

MitraComm also provides other solutions to support its clients’ business, which include but are not limited to:

1. Digital Monitoring Tools
2. Digital CRM
3. Call Monitoring
4. Voice Recording System
5. Interactive Voice Response

More than 12 years of experience in providing reliable and efficient contact center outsourcing services.

Decades of experience in managing a broad range of services for the Banking Industry, Insurance, Telecommunications, E-Commerce, and other industries.

License from Department of Manpower of Indonesia by Decree No. 001/11.4.1/31.72.05/ -1.837/2016

Fully supported by Phintraco Group as a partner to a number of world’s renowned IT principals such as Avaya, Genesys, and more.

Strata title call center premises with 24/7 IT support and security services.

Strategic contact center locations.